STASH and other stories by L. M. Payne

STASH is a collection of four short stories each portraying a woman’s experience at a pivotal stage in her life.

In STASH, the story the collection is named after, we meet Valerie. A girl on the cusp of her womanhood, who sneaks nips of her alcoholic mother’s vodka, steals away her fags and pills, and stashes porn magazines in a hollowed out tree in the farmer’s fields next door. One day her collection goes missing. As her world falls apart she gets the one thing she’s been hankering after - only to find its not at all what she expected.

We also hear the stories of a woman who looses her body at the end of a Pilates class, another who turns an absence into a presence, and we find out that Love is in fact a dangerous virus, but thankfully there’s a vaccine.

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